As I Become Curious is a meditative, collaborative film that offers a rich impression of neurodivergent artist and poet Amy McCombes’ practice and her relationship with nature, time, feelings, imagination and wonder.

We witness Amy exploring her writing and ‘wee drops’ of poetry through being in nature in her hometown of Edinburgh, through the senses, her drawings, precious objects and her voice.

Made in collaboration with artist and facilitator Kirsty Biff Nicolson, film maker Ania Urbanowska and sound designer Nik Paget-Tomlinson.

The process and film has centred neurodivergent artistry, collaboration and disability access throughout.

Trailer for As I Become Curious

Written & created by Amy McCombes

in collaboration with

Co-Creator & Producer Kirsty Biff Nicolson

Cinematographer & Editor Ania Urbanowska

Composer & Sound Design/Foley Nik Paget-Tomlinson

Sound Recordist Donna Stewart

Production Assistant & Access Support Annabel Cooper

Access Support Eilidh Gaze

Producer & Coordinator for the Sensory Collective Nina Doherty

Executive Producer Mhari Robinson

This project has been developed by Edinburgh-based artist Kirsty Biff Nicolson as part of the Sensory Collective

Sensory Collective is a 22-month long project exploring sensory arts practice across Scotland for people who face multiple barriers to access.  It is an Independent Arts Projects (IAP) project and 1 of 26 participative arts projects supported by Culture Collective and funded by Scottish Government emergency Covid-19 funds through Creative Scotland

Independent Arts Projects (IAP) works with some of Scotland’s most talented and innovative artists and theatre makers to develop, produce and tour a programme of productions, arts projects, events and opportunities for people across Scotland and beyond.