How are you? We’ve had a pretty intensive work schedule over the last few months. I’m so proud of the programme we’ve produced this year but it has been A LOT. This year has been A LOT. I’m looking forward to lying down in a darkened room next week. 

This weekend is your last chance to see Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) by Mamoru Iriguchi at Summerhall in Edinburgh or Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness. 

Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far and sent your responses to both of these projects. Your support is hugely appreciated. We are all juggling a lot this year, personally and professionally. 

On 30 September, Waves by Alice Mary Cooper will start its tour to venues, care homes and primary schools across Scotland. Alice and performer Kerry Cleland will share the performances on tour while Laila Noble joins as Associate Director – to recreate Gill Robertson’s original direction. I’ll include tour dates next time I write. 

Looking ahead, we have just put a call out for 7 jobs as part of a year-long programme of Sensory Arts activity which will be co-designed with people who normally face barriers to access arts projects. 1 producer (deadline 27 September) and 6 artists (deadline 4 October) have been advertised now. Please take a look if you have experience in partipative arts. #jobs 

In the autumn, I’m looking forward to finding some time to breathe and think about the future. We’re consistently trying to do too much with too little and stretching ourselves too far. It is a privilege to be working at all right now, but I’m hoping we can start to move more slowly in the coming months and take more care as we do. 

With very best wishes, 

PS – Thanks for supporting IAP. 

PPS – For up to date financial support (funds & grants) check Freelancers Make Theatre Work

>> Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi: Final weekend
>> Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) by Mamoru Iriguchi on BBC Scotland/iPlayer
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