Hello and Welcome to our Make Your Own Zine page.
Thanks for being here. 

Below you will find some instructions for how to make a one-page folded zine. Once you’ve learnt the fold, fill your zine pages with whatever creative content you want. 

But first, What is a zine?!

Zine noun (pron. ‘zeen’)

a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter

We think this digital zine about zines is a great descriptor… https://issuu.com/tenderhandspress/docs/what_are_zines_good_for_

We also think this resource offers a great introduction to zines

So, what Content shall you put in your zine?

Been inspired by the show, the themes, the music or (y)our truth?
Use this as inspiration for your zine content. 


Why not make your own version of the S.E.X zine – rewrite the pages and add your own new ideas


How about some of the following ideas for pages:

  • Sex Education – What we want to know
  • LGBTQIA+ Rights – Where are we now?
  • (Hu)Manifesto – The Future we want to see and how to get there
  • Problem Pages – Ask Deus our resident greek god and agony aunt for advice 

This is your chance to bring sex education to life, bring your own spin and join the S.E.X. team today. Please share your creations with us by tagging:

Check out some great links to zine examples below:

Image and Design
Our zine draws from the principles of collage and we’d encourage you to explore using collage in your zine. But there are no rules, your zine might be drawn, full of writing, made from found images or texts. It’s totally up to you. Have fun and get queer and creative with how you choose to put your zine together. 

The Fold

We recommend using A4 or A3 paper

Step 1: Fold your paper in half long ways

Step 2: Fold in half again

Step 3: Fold in half a third time

Step 4: Now open your paper out and your page should be divided into to eight

Step 5: Fold your paper in half – this time like a book fold. Then, with a pair of scissors cut half way across the middle from the fold.

Step 6: Open your paper up and you should have a slit in the middle.  

Step 7: Fold your paper again, this time along the fold with the slit. Hold the edges and push towards each other. The sections should fold into each other to form an eight page booklet

Step 8: and finally open the paper out again so you can number your pages in the correct order and rotation. 

You are now ready to fill your zine with your chosen content. Enjoy!