Independent Arts Projects (IAP) are currently looking for participants for an early phase of a new project led by Artist and Playworker Max Alexander

Function Schmunction is a project about exploring and celebrating play as autistic people. 

We are looking for autistic* people of any age or background to help us explore and celebrate play. With autistic artist and playworker, Max Alexander, participants will: 

  • Play alongside or together. Using their senses, exploring objects or ideas. 
  • Have space to explore and think about what play means for them, what brings excitements, joy or sparks fascination. 
  • Participate in 1-to-1 or small group sessions 
  • There will be 2-5 sessions per individual or small group 
  • Sessions can be at whatever location you are comfortable with, ideally in person but online is possible too 
  • Each session might last between 1 and 90 minutes (this will be discussed with the participant and based on whatever is possible/comfortable for them).

* An autism diagnosis isn’t required. Self-identification is valid. 

The sessions will feed into creating a play object or element that will become part of a touring playground that made for, by and with autistic people.

There is no pre-set expectation for what sessions might look like. That is something participants will each figure out with Max. It could be a few loose play sessions together, sharing ideas verbally or non-verbally, or perhaps something with a more set outcome such as creating an object or piece of art. The important thing is what is meaningful to the participant.

Max will bring objects and materials for the participants to use. 


  • Max’s working days are ideally Wednesday and Thursday – but he can make an exception for a one-off. 
  • Max has his own transport and can travel to you and meet you where you are most comfortable. 
  • It’s free to participate. 
  • Carers, parents, support workers should attend if under 18 years old or as needed.  
  • You can read Independent Arts Projects’ Safeguarding policies by clicking this link. IAP is registered with Disclosure Scotland and Max is a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme. 


The sessions will be designed to be flexible and responsive to participants. We will also work with participants to figure out how we can meet any specific needs you may have. This might include things like visual schedules, sensory adaptations to spaces, assistance with transport. 


Please contact Max at or leave a message or send a text to 07534942255 and someone will get back to you.   

Max Alexander
Max Alexander

Max Alexander is a play worker, visual artist and consultant who specialises in working with children and young people who are disabled and/or have additional support needs. Max has ten years’ experience working with this population across school, playground, and community settings. 

Max’s experience includes 5 years as Playworker at The Yard in Edinburgh, and at Artlink Edinburgh where he has worked for the past 3 years delivering 1-to-1 personalised play and art sessions for young people excluded from mainstream arts activities. 

Max creates and co-creates spaces for play, exploration, and connection with a focus on neurodivergent joy and ways of relating. Max is passionate about access to artistic, playful, and creative experiences for neurodivergent and disabled individuals and the idea of beautiful creative accessibility is central to his work.  You can learn more about Max at  

Function Schmunction (working title) is a new project being developed by Glasgow-based Artist and Playworker Max Alexander as part of the Sensory Collective

Sensory Collective is a 21-month long project exploring sensory arts practice across Scotland for Autists, people with PMLD and those living with Dementia.  It is an Independent Arts Projects (IAP) project and 1 of 26 participative arts projects supported by Culture Collective and funded by Scottish Government emergency Covid-19 funds through Creative Scotland

Independent Arts Projects (IAP) works with some of Scotland’s most talented and innovative artists and theatre makers to develop, produce and tour a programme of productions, arts projects, events and opportunities for people across Scotland and beyond.

Composite image description (top):

Image 1 shows a forest floor with scattered leaves and sticks partially illuminated by purple and blue light.

Image 2 shows a book open at a scientific drawing of seabirds. Googly eyes have been placed over the drawings. There are mirrors either side of the open book creating multiple reflections of the googly eyed birds.

Image 3 is a photo of Max, he is smiling at the camera wearing a colourful shirt. in the background there is a large plant and a hanging stick and string sculpture. Max has very little hair, a bit of a beard and glasses.

Image 4 looks down into a circular tower of clear plastic cups. It creates a repeating spiraling pattern.