Hiya. How are you? 

February, eh? You might think it’s a bleak time but remember- it is not January. It felt like January was never, ever going to end. But eventually it did. Now we have pancakes to look forward to. Pancake Tuesday is not a date I usually observe but this year I’ve added it to my diary. I’m clinging on to every celebration I can. It’s also food related so that’s a motivation too. 

Turning the corner into the new year was so unsteadying. It really felt like time had suddenly shifted (again) with the arrival of the new strain and its impact on us all. Apparently we in the UK are in Lockdown #3. I’m not going to lie, I completely missed Lockdown #2. I’ve no idea when that happened. But time means nothing anymore so it probably doesn’t matter that I missed it. 

We’re having more intensive family time at the minute. The stress of non-stop childcare & homeschooling is very real but it is good to see wee people as well as pets in Zoom meetings again. #silverlinings 

Our wee girl is 4 and a half years old and my favourite thing that she does at the moment, is announce “Ta da!” every time: 

  • She enters the room
  • Is showing you something she’s done (this is generally a horrendous mess that makes me want to fall to my knees and shake fists at the sky) 
  • If she’s eaten something that she shouldn’t and has just been found out. 

I recommend it. You should definitely start saying “ta da!” after everything you do. It’s loads of fun. 

Scottish Government’s Culture Committee took evidence last week from sector bodies on how the emergency funding has helped support organisations and individuals across the arts sector. They heard a great deal about the impact of pandemic on the sector. This was the same day that the Scottish Government shared their budget for the coming financial year. Creative Scotland were able to confirm that they received roughly the same funds as previous years and that Regular Funded Organisations would receive a fourth year of funding – an extension to the 2018-21 funding agreements. There is no word on any additional emergency funding for the coming year. 

Creative Scotland’s Hardship Funds for Freelancers closed on Monday 1st February but PIPA the campaign for Parents in the Performing Arts recently shared a list of non-governmental funds for individuals

After what feels like a year of talking, thinking, frowning and general humming/hawing, we are beginning to emerge from our wee cave with some actual arts activity. We hope to share some great work with you this year. 

We’re really proud and excited to be partnering with North Edinburgh Arts on their Youth Arts Residencies programme for 2021-22. Through the residency programme we will work with 5 freelance artists to create and deliver work for children and young people in Muirhouse. There’s detail below. Deadline is 10 March. 

Ta da!

Take care and go gently,

PS – Thanks for supporting IAP. 

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