Independent Arts Projects (IAP)  aims to provide a space for people to be themselves, to see themselves and to connect with others.

We are committed to being an organisation where everyone is welcome and this includes everyone who might identify as being LGBTQIA+

For us this means ensuring that our values are seen and felt in our programme of performances and participative sessions, in our day-to-day working practices, as well as our policies and processes.

This should be seen and felt by the people who participate in one-to-one and group creative sessions, to folk who come to see our live performances in theatres, arts centres, community spaces or schools, as well as by our lead & collaborating artists, staff and volunteer trustees who make all of our work possible.

Since autumn 2022, we’ve been actively working towards a Silver LGBT Charter from LGBT Youth Scotland alongside our work developing and touring Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) by Mamoru Iriguchi and our ongoing work with LGBTQIA+ artists, board & staff across our programme.

The structure and focus of the charter work has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on reviewing our company’s working practices and policies to ensure that we create an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment for staff, freelancers, volunteers, participants and audiences.

As part of this work we have:

  • completed individual and group training (for staff, independent artists & trustees)
  • held regular (and irregular) meetings with a core staff group
  • held discussions around this work with staff and board
  • toured performance work and delivered participative sessions as part of our creative programme that centre LGTQIA+ themes by LGBTQIA+ people
  • reviewed, rewritten & created new policies to better support all of our staff
  • reviewed & redeveloped our recruitment, induction & support processes
  • explored how best we can welcome & support LGBTQIA+ people to our organisation

We’re learning and aim to apply that learning as we go.
Our work in this area is ongoing.

Two serious looking people clad in lab coats, safety goggles, lanyards and bright blue and pink shirts gesture to a black board where the letters S.E.X. are scrawled in thick chalk-like text. They are surrounded by various beakers, and containers of liquid.
Pictured: Performers Theo Seddon and Mamoru Iriguchi. 📸 Niall Walker.

Find out more about our Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) show by Mamoru Iriguchi – the LGBTQIA+ inclusive guide to sex education.