Independent Arts Projects presents & tour performance projects by extraordinary artists at every stage of their careers.  We work with individual artists, collaborating with them to create their best work and connecting them with audiences across Scotland and beyond.

IAP’s focus is collaborating with artists in creating work for young and adult audiences – working with artists of colour, disabled artists, young and ageing artists, queer artists, and women artists.  IAP projects often explore identity, representation, or our contemporary world and aim to produce work that helps us make sense of how we live our lives.

Artists we’ve worked with include: Cade & MacAskill, Alice Mary Cooper, Ellie Griifiths, Mamoru IriguchiMara Menzies, and Snap Elastic, as well as Frozen Charlotte.

Independent Arts Projects Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland, SC581505, and a Registered Charity, SC049294.