Please welcome Kirstin Abraham, one of our Sensory Collective team. Kirstin is one of six artists who will be supported to create work with by and for people who face multiple barriers to accessing mainstream arts.

Kirstin Georgia Abraham is a visual artist and play practitioner born in Gibraltar and based in Fife. She is passionate and committed towards creatively connecting with children and young people with disabilities and complex needs and their families/carers; by co-designing/co-authoring immersive creative play experiences and installations, responsive to the needs, interests, and wellbeing of individual and family dynamics.  

Her passion for creating and facilitating inclusive, accessible, and bespoke arts spaces, programmes and projects is driven from her own personal experiences, being brought up to value diversity, by parents with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mixed heritage. She is also a young parent with three children, including a son who is autistic.  

The journey as a parent of a neurodivergent child has been and continues to be challenging, beautiful and creatively inspiring. Igniting her interest and desire to create bespoke accessible arts opportunities, co-designed by individual and entire family unit/carer needs and interests. Enabling fun, innovative, safe, and non-judgemental positive experiences, and environments, which encourage connection and re-connection in often emotionally complex family dynamics.  

She believes her personal experiences of having a neurodivergent child has enriched her professional experience as a community visual artist and play practitioner. Enabling her to identify and produce original inclusive projects.

Photo by Kat Gollock