What’s your name?
Mamoru Iriguchi

What is your job?
Creator and Performer 

What do you like about it?
I am so happy to have made a show that shamelessly opens up conversations about essential things we humans do just like any other animals; eating, digesting, defecating and being eaten. 

What’s in your stomach right now? And, what would you like to talk about with them if they could speak? 
One element of my lunch today can definitely speak as they are still alive in my stomach. It is called Natto. This Japanese traditional food is soy beans fermented with bacterium called Bacillus subtilis. When you eat Natto, you are in fact eating billions of bacteria alive. Surprisingly, they can get through the harshly acidic environment in our stomach and reach intestine intact to do very good things for us there. Natto and many other fermented foods (yoghurt, cheese etc) remind us that what looks like an individual (like you and me) is actually a symbiotic ecosystem like a forest consisting of billions of various living beings. So what I hear right now from my stomach is an amazing chorus by so many small living beings. 

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