Q: What’s your job (on Puffin) and what do you like about it?

A: Designer.  I like it because it involves making lots of small things and drawing diagrams and pictures.

Q: What’s the hardest bit of your job?

A:We tend to design something that costs a bit more than the budget.

Q:What’s your favourite thing about working on Puffin?

A: The Puffin cast includes two female performers. This means I have been looking at women’s clothes which often come in many more colours and shapes. That was so much fun even though women, men and everyone in between should be offered the same variety of garments!

Q: What is your favourite thing about puffins?

A: A puffin mouth works like an adjustable spanner rather than pliers. This fact satisfies me enormously as I am obsessed with tools and their mechanisms.

Here’s a short film about how Mamoru developed the design and set for Puffin

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