Q: What’s your job (on Sound Symphony) and what do you like about it? 
A: I am the Lead Artist of Sound Symphony. What I like about it is that I get to make a show around the things that the audience we’re working with and I as an artist are fascinated by, (and leave out the bits we think are boring!) I also get to work with a team of people I am inspired by and learn a lot from. I love making shows for these audiences as it makes me explore the world in a more sensory way. I also get to listen to lovely live music played by the brilliant musicians every day in rehearsals which is dreamy!

Q: What’s the hardest bit of your job? 
A: It’s quite high pressure and I want to get it right really badly for the audiences. 

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working on Sound Symphony? 
A: There are loads. For me its a dream project that I have been trying to make happen for over 3 years, so its a huge deal finally seeing it becoming real. And of course I love collaborating with not just our creative team, but also the young people we have been collaborating with from St Crispin’s school and Action for children during the process.

Q: What is your favourite sound?  
A: I love the sound of a campfire crackling