Q: What’s your job (on Sound Symphony) and what do you like about it? 
A: I’m the Dramaturg on Sound Symphony. My job includes asking questions and listening well to the answers, in order to give Ellie, the Lead Artist, a time and place to figure out whatever she wants to figure out. The job is also about offering story-shaping insight and research into the topics we’re working on. I love my dramaturgy meetings with Ellie because our conversations are incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and efficient!

Q: What is the hardest bit of your job?
A: I drop in to the process once or twice a week. The hardest bit of my job is to leave the rehearsal process, knowing that it will move on a lot before I join it again. But the advantage of that is that I can come back to the process as an outside eye, and have some insight into what it might be like for an audience member to experience what the team are doing for the first time.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working on Sound Symphony? 
A: The people involved. I’m excited by the talent and passion of the whole team, and I’m excited by the sense of potential there is for connecting with people in the audience. We’re aiming to offer sources of interest and enjoyment to the audience, while also leaving space for people to choose how they engage, and leaving space for them to influence how the performers engage. That makes me excited to think about the individual people who are going to come to the show, and about what each of those people might find joyful and interesting.

Q: What is your favourite sound?  
A:The mix of sounds you would hear at a lively trad music session, in a crowded and friendly pub with a good fire.

Photo by Grace MacDonald