Meet the Sound Symphony team: Rosie Ward

Today we have pleasure in introducing you to Rosie Ward from the Sound Symphony team. 

Q: What’s your job (on Sound Symphony) and what do you like about it? 
A: I’m the Stage Manager. It’s a ‘bit of everything’ sort of job, but the best way I’ve heard it explained is that your job is to help make the Director’s vision happen on stage, and for that to keep happening for every performance. That means every job is different and you adapt your role to what each show needs. On Sound Symphony the shows vary a lot more than anything I’ve worked on before, as it’s so responsive to the audience: the structure and the aim of the show stays the same, but each performance can feel completely different! 

Q: What’s the hardest bit of your job? 
A: Being the middle (wo)man means you’re assisting with lots of really exciting and interesting elements of the production, and conversations about what needs to happen and how. It’s one of my favourite parts of the jobs, but also the hardest as you’re constantly juggling things in your head! You don’t get much time when you’re not busy, so often I’ll be unloading the van and putting the set together with Emma, or getting costumes ready and setting props, while trying to work out something completely different!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working on Sound Symphony? 
A: The audience, absolutely! I feel so lucky to be working on a show for this audience where they can respond however they want to and that then becomes part of the performance – whether that’s shouting ‘wow’ at the performers, getting up and dancing in the middle of the stage, or just listening quietly to themselves. Also, working with our lovely musicians! It’s lovely working on a show with live music, and I feel like I’ve learnt so much through conversations in rehearsals with them and Matt (Sound Designer) and through the audience’s responses to the shows. I feel like I’m listening more …and I’ll never hear a washing machine the same way again!

Q: What is your favourite sound? 
A: The sea at night! Although my new favourite sound has to be a wheelchair going over bubble wrap. 

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