The brilliant Sara Shaarawi’s #NiqabiNinja is bold, unsettling, fierce, beautifully inspiring & challenging. 1 day left to experience this audio led story. Go to @indartsprojects for deets where you can hear this incredible work. This will stay with us. (Persistent & Nasty @PersistentNasty)

Wow. The @GlasgowTramway #NiqabiNinja is uncomfortable, unsettling and uncompromising – just as Sara Shaarawi intends. Tickets are still available for tomorrow. (NB Anyone who has been affected by misogynistic violence might find this difficult). Strongly recommended. (Vivienna Wilson Chart.PR @Viviennewilson)

Tonight people in 5 cities across Scotland have been experiencing Sara Shaarawi’s brilliant Niqabi Ninja in urban spaces. I’ve been stationed at EdiHQ tonight with Thom. What a privilege to meet our audiences, see them on their way and see them return moved & engaged. (Mhari Robinson @mhari79)

I experienced this last night and cannot recommend it enough. #NiqabiNinja is brilliant. Yes, not easy listening, but so so powerful. An excellent piece of storytelling- so beautifully and carefully produced. Congrats to the team. @edintfest @indartsprojects @lyceumtheatre (@alicemarycooper)

Outdoor @edintfest last night, Niqabi Ninja, about violence against women in Cairo (and everywhere). On until the 28th. (Cordelia Beattie @BeattieDr)

Beautifully written response by @nasimrasl to @indartsprojects production Niqabi Ninja. This timely and provocative show opens in Aberdeen tonight! @ukulemae and I are both really looking forward to it. CW for the blog & the show: sexual assault. (Hanna @anthroboi)

Really happy to see Responses being adopted by other platforms over more common review formats. Definitely recommend checking out these wonderful writers and their wonderful words, reflecting on #NiqabiNinja by Sara Shaarawi @anahitrooz@nasimrasl@halinarifai (@FringeofColour)

Inspired by the mighty @FringeofColour we invited responses to #NiqabiNinja from three brilliant thinkers – hoping that @anahitrooz @nasimrasl & @halinarifai would engage emotionally and critically with our work. And oh my – how they have – blown away (Catrin Evans @Evs_C)

Powerful responses to walking alone with the audio of Sara Shaarawi’s Niqabi Ninja (Lone Women @wildernessflash)

i’ve had the absolute pleasure of commissioning three incredible writers @halinarifai, @anahitrooz & @nasimrasl to respond to the equally incredible Niqabi Ninja over the last few weeks. you can read their responses to the play here: (Katie Goh @johnnys_panic)

We experienced #NiqabiNinja at @GlasgowTramway on Saturday and it’s highly recommended. Finishes this Saturday. (Dardishi)

“Niqabi Ninja augmented my empathy and it showed that no matter the streets you walk – from Cairo to Glasgow – we can share experiences.”
The latest in our #NiqabiNinja reflections blog series is by @halinarifai! Read Halina’s piece here:

“There’s something powerful about going on this journey at the same time as strangers – women I know I will never meet again…” We’ve commissioned writers to experience and reflect on #NiqabiNinja. The latest is by @nasimrasl. Read Nasim’s piece here:

What can I say about #NiqabiNinja by Sara Shaarawi It’s an amazing piece of work and so pertinent given the current situation in Afghanistan. Emotional and packs a punch – it is so well worth seeing. Info: (Wendy Niblock)

#NiqabiNinja arrived in Glasgow yesterday. Now in its third iteration of this tour, I keep discovering its depths and I was so moved by audience reaction yesterday. Glasgow Folk get your tickets – we’re with @GlasgowTramway till end of next week (Catrin Evans @Evs_C)

Glasgow folks, I cannot recommend this audio walk enough. “Niqabi Ninja” tells a powerful story where enough is enough and a woman rises up to take her streets back. This is the story of everywoman and it’s a story every man needs to walk. Till 28 Aug. (Professor Dee Heddon (@DeirdreHeddon)

Walked and listened to #niqabininja at @GlasgowTramway this evening and left feeling furious and fired up*. Couldn’t help noticing my fellow walkers were womxn… When will men take a more active stance in challenging rape culture? *content warning: rape Take care of yourself. (Annie Tot @Annie_tot)

Very thought-provoking. Not just the summer chills. #NiqabiNinja transforming @eicc conference square into #Tahrirsquare (Emily Granozio @EmilyGranozio)

Can recommend ‘Niqabi Ninja’ & ‘You Bury Me’.

Congratulations to @Evs_C@indartsprojects@niroshthambar and all the team for the incredibly powerful #NiqabiNinja@edintfest Listening to that final scene at 10pm on a Friday on Lothian Road gave it an extra edge. @lyceumtheatre@CreativeScots@BCScotland@edfests (Paul Fitzpatrick, @pfitzp)

Niqabi Ninja (★★★★★) Devastating audio-story performance piece tackles the brutal oppression of women in Sara Shaarawi’s uncompromising International Festival work (The List, @thelistmagazine)

In case you missed it last weekend, I had the privilege of interviewing fellow Angry Feminist (TM) Sara Shaarawi about her biting, hilarious new comic-book-themed play, Niqabi Ninja.
(Rebecca Baird, @rebeccabaird_)

“I really wanted to create something intimate… This is about public space, and it’s about women in public space.” Read @arusaqureshi‘s interview with Niqabi Ninja’s writer Sara Shaarawi in @TheScotsman!

I spoke to the wonderful Sara Shaarawi about Niqabi Ninja and @katieposner about You Bury Me, which both arrive at @edintfest later this month (Arusa Qureshi @arusaqureshi)

Last night: an important listen and journey in a walking tour of a part of East London I’ve not trodden before. Thanks to #NiqabiNinja @artsadm @indartsprojects for sharing a story about Women and Egypt and showing me my own backyard in a different light. (@Beccy_Allen)

Review: Niqabi Ninja – Righteously furious audio performance guides audiences around the streets of Whitechapel @artsadm @TheStage

Niqabi Ninja articultes the anger we’re told not to feel, but it doesn’t hold you hostage to trauma. Its about feminist love and the necessity of resistance. Would love you to hear what you make of it @lolaolufemi_ @SistersUncut (Catrin Evans @Evs_C)

Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi is a story that needs to be told. This theatre production is currently being performed in London as part of @shubbakfestival with @artsadm until 17 July. Check it out. Tickets here (Louise Marlborough @louisemjm)

“Sara Shaarawi’s writing is waspish, punchy and imagistic, capturing the tone of a graphic novel or comic.” Lily Levinson reviews Niqabi Ninja, an audio-guided art walk through Whitechapel (Exeunt Magazine @theatremagazine)

“I realized that what I was interested in, and what I’m trying to do, is connect how we’ve normalized behaviors like commenting on a stranger’s body” Sara Shaarawi in @arabnews Catch #NiqabiNinja as part of @shubbakfestival with Artsadmin until 17 July

Niqabi Ninja opens today in London and I feel compelled to say this show is not trauma porn for white entertainment. I want my Arab fam to know that. I turn down a lot of projects because they are just that. Niqabi Ninja is not. It is amazing. Come see it if you can. @JulianaYaz