We aim for all our projects and programmes to make space for people to be themselves and see themselves.

We want our work and folk to exist in spaces where people feel free to be themselves no matter what their experience, background or identity.

We want people to see themselves in our work, in the stories we tell, productions we share, and in the projects we make.

We value:

  • access & inclusion – everyone has a right to creativity
  • becoming anti-ableist & becoming anti-racist – we work towards change;
  • exploring sustainability (environmental, financial & human)
  • wellbeing & care in all we do
  • trust & respect for everybody we work, learn and play with

We hope that everyone can see our values in all that we do, but we also want to be explicit in our support to avoid any doubt that when we say everyone we mean everyone. And also because the world we live in is not safe for everyone.

You can read more about our approach below.
This page will be updated in time to reflect our values and approach.

Photo credit: Tiu Makkonen
Image: Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi.