Following a sold out run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021, SEX Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) by Mamoru Iriguchi has been awarded the Infallibles Awards for best show for Young Audiences.

Stefania Bochicchio, of Infallibles Awards said, “We felt this was a crucial, important and relentlessly entertaining show which managed to vehicle an important message and we wish for young audiences around the world to be able to see it.”

Huge congratulations from everyone at Independent Arts Projects to our wonderful team: Mamoru Iriguchi, Afton Moran, Clare Duffy, Lou Brodie, Alison Brown, Chris Stuart Wilson, Agustín Masondo, Mhari Robinson, Saffy Setohy, Wendy Niblock and Katie Goh!

Photo credit: Kat Gollock. Pictured: Mamoru Iriguchi and Afton Moran